Voopoo Drag UK • What’s vaping got to do with it?

Voopoo Drag UK is according to Ahrefs a particularly prized search term right now in my own industry of vaping. It has a high organic traffic reach with a low keyword difficulty. We decided to test whether backlinks still truly matter.

What are backlinks in SEO?

Backlinks are essentially a vote of confidence in your website from another website, ‘behind the scenes’ that drives awareness of your site or page from another source. Well it kind of is anyway. It’s simply when another website or blog or social site makes reference to a page on your site within an article.

So why does a backlink matter?

Well despite all the algorithm updates from Google and so forth, what really distinguishes your site as a beacon of trust and consumer confidence is the number of other sites that make reference to it. Now as you can imagine, a link from Forbes about us page would have a far higher value to your site than one from Dirtyhousewives.info but you get the gist.

If Google is working out who’s page on ‘Voopoo Drag UK’ should come up first, with all other metrics being equal, it will be the backlinks that make the difference. Who has more votes of confidence.

Make sense?

So what is Voopoo Drag UK?

Well it’s really a long tail keyword chain of a popular vape kit manufacturer that is being hunted down by consumers in the UK. And it’s getting a decent amount of organic traffic.

It’s also got a low keyword difficulty. That means, to get in the top 10 results, you need less hard work than to rank for something like Vape, which has a far higher Keyword Difficulty.

Imagine this analogy – there is one bar of gold in a field being tracked down by 100 people and one equivalent bar of gold in a field with only 3 people looking for it. Which field are you going to enter?

The one with less competition right? And that’s what keyword difficulty is all about.

So how does Voopoo Vape come into it?

Well as a CBD oil and vape retailer in my other life, I am constantly testing the effectiveness of keyword research and the tools to boost SEO, so we are going to make a handful of blogs and podcasts and embed a specific URL to our page on our Vape shop site, and then come back in a month and report on it.

So that’s it, stay tuned to see what happened. Will do Smok Alien next – yes this is a backlink 😉

October 4 – Google rank for Voopoo Drag UK