Time for a retail podcast that knows life

The Retail Podcast audience was lacking this, a hustlers guide to honestly growing a business. Tune in, as I talk about going from ‘Prison to Profit’. Having left prison in 2012 with £49 in my back pocket, I have grown multiple companies with multi-million pound annual revenues. I have done this, using little more than the tools that anyone can access online. In an age of Web 2.0 where social media influencers are born overnight, the opportunity to write your own payslips is within your grasp. You, literally can build your own job right now. It’s text in a box, code on a screen, royalty free images with slogans. Attention is available for free online and I think I can show you how to tap into it.

My tales from rock bottom up, is about showing you that if I can do it, then you can too. I love chatting business, so the idea of doing a small business podcast massively appeals to me. On my journey to business growth, I have had my share of failures and setbacks. I have found very quickly that society will continue to punish you even after prison – but this hasn’t stopped me. In 6 short years, I have built companies from nothing, grown teams of people, sold stakes in businesses, got married, had a kid.

In 6 short years, I have lost my precious folks, my Nan, a beloved auntie. Life can throw you negativity, too. But this shouldn’t EVER hold you back for longer than is truly necessary. I am a living, breathing example of why you should start to ‘do you’ now! If you like the small business podcast, The Mobshow; pass it on.

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I want to hear from you, if you too have hit rock bottom and bounced back up. These are the tales that should be heard and the idea that success is achieved overnight is a fallacy that needs to be put to bed. Many failures make a success and its those failures that act as my learning syllabus. If you have a story of a failure that made you, get in touch and lets share your knowledge on the Mobshow, small business podcast.

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