Which social media platfom to promote my business

Which social media platform should I use to promote my business

There is a common question asked in business circles with the ever growing presence of apps and social media platforms. What is it? It’s ‘which social media platform should I use to promote my business?’ Today’s episode is going to answer that for you. We have long struggled with every new social media site that begins, it means more content right? This episode will identify for you how to create enough content for all. Importantly, how you can streamline that content creation process.

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Prison podcast or a small business podcast?

In 2012 I walked out of prison with £49 in my back pocket. I had no home, no job and little prospect of getting one. In just under a decade, I have helped grow two businesses to multi-million annual revenues and did this on a shoestring. You can be the master of your own destiny and it’s right here, right now for you to grab.