‘Can you sack a customer?’ is the topic of the retail podcast.

Can you sack a customer?

Seems counter intuitive if you run a customer facing business, but sometimes, a customer is not a customer at all. On ridiculously rare occasions I have had to sack a customer. Or put another way, been firm, not bent over backwards and been prepared to take what they have to throw back at me. Why? Because I could commit more time and energy to those customers and team members who deserve it.

Want to find out what it means to sack a customer and what kind of circumstances it is okay to do it in? Take a listen. If you run a retail or sales business, then ask yourself whether your time is really being served by someone you dread dealing with. If it has a knock on negative impact on your wider business, or is costing so much time in labour costs, then what may seem like a customer on the outside, might actually be a loss maker in reality.
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