It’s time to add a new episode of the Cotton and Kanthal show, where I and my main man Freddie talk about all things vape and CBD. It’s been Christmas so we have got a ton of content we are slowly sifting through and will be uploading in the coming weeks. Enjoy our new episode of the only business vaping podcast.

So what are we talking about this week:

Topics covered in this vaping podcast

  • Vapewild viral video of an employee going full social justice warrior
  • Release of the new Aspire Zelos 2.0 vape kit
  • Vape brand Voopoo promoting their products on a Youtube Kids channel
  • Prisoner’s vape kits
  • Head of Forest discussing vaping not working for ‘most’ smokers
  • 30% of smokers think vaping is more dangerous than smoking, so don’t quit!
  • Hemp Farm Bill 2018

A decent info backed discussion this week as we play catch up. For us we do this as a bit of fun and a chance to catch up before and after and discuss business. We try to make each episode better than the last and we hope you can see the growth in quality as we do this.

Oh, we also talk about ‘that’ Mayweather ‘fight’. Aka beating up a small boy, perfect topic for a vaping podcast.

If you are involved in the vape or CBD industry, then this vlog is for you. We know how many videos out there are for consumers, so we wanted to do something a little different. We hope you find this episode of interest, if you have any comments, wack them in the section below the video on Youtube or add to the page here.

Thank you for watching our vaping in the new vlog, and we welcome any feedback on how to improve.

ps: we also pan Stripe and Transferwise.