Content Hacking Tip Finding Content

Finding great content for a blog can be a chore at times. Even more so if you are new to the industry, that you have jumped into. I’ve been there, I know the difficulty. You want to find content that will be well ranked and will be uniquely written so you don’t get down marked by Google, Bing etc. So how do you get that content?
Super cheap, super simple and super sneaky. Jump onto Youtube, search for videos uploaded in the last 7 days, or 30 days within your sector. See what is ranked the highest and you will be able to see what people are actively hunting out and absorbing in droves. Grab those titles and throw them into Google. Check if much has been written on this topic and importantly, see how long down the page before random unrelated topics show up. This tells you how under reported it has been in written format.
This is your window of opportunity. This is your chance to rank well. Using SEO friendly copy, you can land yourself some extra traffic to your site organically. If there are tons of articles written already, move on, if there hasn’t been, then you’re in business. Make sense?

Does Finding Content like this help SEO

If you just want content and don’t care about SEO scoring, then of course you can use this strategy. Transcribing like this, means you get an idea on what to write about without linking to someone else’s blogs.
This is one of the simplest content idea hacks we ever came up with and it was born out of necessity as we didn’t always get sent new products first for our online vape shop, Vape and Juice. We used this to be able to write reviews and then link them into the product pages on our ecommerce site and score well. This would almost certainly land us extra hits when employed correctly. The best part about it, its free. 
So if you want some tips on how to find quality blog content then check out our guerilla marketing podcast.
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