Hashtag strategy on the Podcast for startups, is today’s topic. So for this, The MOB Show thought it best to bring the wife on and speak to Rachel about her new business venture, ‘Stories Like Ours’. ‘Stories Like Ours’ is a wedding stationary business, began as a lifestyle side gig, to supplement both Rachel and her sister Becky’s normal income. Having both been married in the last 5 years, they felt they had the skills to offer a unique service. This is a business that creates invites, place holders etc that look high end, but with an affordable price tag.

Rachel has extensive design and marketing experience through her other ventures, The Skinny Kitchen, Vape and Juice and her previous career. So while I wanted to talk her through ways she could extend her marketing reach, I felt it would be a good time to discuss hashtags and hashtag strategy, something that she deals with daily.

Do I need a hashtag strategy?

How to use hashtags right, is the topic of today’s show. Hashtags are an important feature in every social media platform these days, but too often they are done wrong. How can you do them wrong, easily – not using enough, using the wrong ones etc. Most businesses today use instagram apps to help grow their audience, but generally just collect competition brands as follows. The bots love each other. When selecting hash tags to target potential consumers, you need to speak their language. Does a consumer type #clothesshop when they have a new outfit they like? No, but you can bet there are plenty of companies who have whacked that into their like app. Consumers will use different terminology to industry professionals. Therefore it’s pretty fundamental to target correctly.

How do I find out what hashtags potential customers use, to build a strategy?

Rachel is in the wedding business. Therefore if she wants to come onto the radar of potential customers, she needs to think what she did when she was engaged. She didn’t type #weddingstationary, she used #boydidgood. This is what you need to think about when using an auto-liker. On the flipside, when someone is searching instagram for ideas, they will search for a hashtag relevent to that. So, when you are posting content, you need to think what is being searched for. That will become your hashtag strategy for that situation. This means, you need to create two different hashtag lists you employ.

Does this hashtag strategy only work for the wedding industry?

No, not at all. If you are trying to promote yourself as a Personal Trainer, think about what your customer is posting. #newyearnewme, #needtogetfit, #gymgoals, or #dryjanuary are the kind of terms a PT’s potential customer might use. Okay, you aren’t always going to get it right, but it’s Instagram. It’s essentially free flyering. No one ever did a one flyer campaign did they? This is how you need to think of instagram. This doesn’t of course mean just accumulate random follows, or buy likes, no – but accept you won’t always get it right.

Just as before, with the wedding business, you will change your hashtags for when YOU create content. If you are doing some type of novel training techniques, then post a short video or image. Then use hashtags that your audience is following, maybe fitnesstips, or fitspo etc. If you want advice on how to find out the best hashtags, check out this great article.

Do Instagram Liker bots work?

Yes they do to a point. The purpose of them is to land on your target audience’s radar, that means hope they check out your profile. You need to make sure then that the content you have posted is attractive, well laid out and relevant. Got it? Good.

So that sums up the episode, with much more covered on the audio. The cat is still meowing as I write this. Raffles doesn’t care much to hashtag strategy or picking the right hashtags.