How to be an entrepreneur is the topic of todays startup podcast, interview with a rockstar

“80% of people who work for someone else, hate what they do”

Who is our entrepreneur?

CEO and founder of Rockstar group a startup accelerator, Jonathan Pfahl comes on the show to talk business. Jonathan has made it, lost it, made it again and is well versed to talk entrepreneurship. In his day to day role, the Aussie born entrepreneur operates a seed fund, crowdfunding platform, mentoring group and startup accelerator. Jonathan has a broad range of private equity investments and interests. There are few better versed in identifying a successful opportunity right now than Jonathan and his black book of industry contacts.

Born in Australia and emigrating to the UK, Jonathan began his first venture at the age of 9. He studied down under before he started working in investment banking at Goldman Sachs. After several years in Hong Kong, the allure of working for himself developed in him. This and the advice his father and role model gave him:
“You will never get rich working for someone else” led him into establishing Rockstar Group.

Entrepreneurship with Jonathan Pfahl

Today Jonathan is a regular public speaker at startup events at locations such as the Great British Business show. This is an addition to helping startups scale. If you want to find out more about Rockstar Group, including their mentoring or crowdfunding, visit their site: On the show, I ask Jonathan what it takes to be an entrepreneur, what was his best failure and how to identify the right business idea.
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Note: We had a few issues with audio which we have tried to smooth over. Hopefully next time I won’t forget to turn one of our mics on. 🙂