How to get more followers? Do you recognise this statement. Starting a brand can seem like standing at the bottom of Everest. It’s exciting sure, but it’s a massive task ahead, and none more so than when you start your Instagram or Twitter account and only your Father-in-law is following you so far. Well this is how it was only a few weeks back for our new CBD shop, CBDStar, when we set up our socials. @LocalCBDShop on Insta and @CBDStar_ on Twitter.

We have taken a bit of time to play with some tools that can help you grow your following on social media in a way that is not pure spam or buying followers. I took the time to test a few tools out on our own Mob Show socials, so I could then establish it they would be worth doing on our new CBD brand. This episode I discuss a twitter, youtube and instagram tool.

What’s going on in Social Media right now

There are loads of social media boost tools out there and a lot of them are frankly rubbish. If you want to start a brand, it’s so important to take advantage of what is still a wild west of social media right now. As I scroll through instagram, it’s becoming very spam/follow for follow heavy and it won’t be long before Instagram works out how to stop people abusing it like this. In the meantime, it is still an environment that with a bit of time and effort, you can grow a follow base of many thousands.

You need to be consistent, tagging correctly and of course engaging with people. Taking the time to chuck out some hearts and a few comments, is something that can be done from your bed on a Sunday morning. Even this morning, while drinking my morning coffee in bed, I was engaging with a twitter account and winning a relevant follower. That’s how to get more followers.

Top tips to grow social media followers

It sounds intensely time consuming, but her, it’s your brand. What’s more important than that? Here is our top tips for growing your followers on social media:

  1. Speak to the audience in the appropriate way: If you are using twitter, simply sharing instagram image links that don’t display on feeds, will get you zero engagement. Save that for when you are huge. Twitter is a conversation led platform. Search out the hashtags you know about and jump into the conversation in a friendly and insightful way. Think about the age of the participants and tailor your language.
  2. Search for people posting in your location on IG. Or in locations that are relevant to your business. Then see which ones are consumers or potential customers and DM them. If you have a business that has a physical premise, introduce yourself personally and offer them an e-voucher to save on their phone and bring into your place of business for a discount. It takes seconds to do that for each person and you can reach out to tons of target customers in just 10 minutes a day. If you have something valuable to offer, then you will convert. Not immediately, but it’s a numbers game right?
  3. If you have an e-commerce platform, do the same as above but with an online discount code. We have an online vape shop, and use this effectively.
  4. Take the time to reply to anyone, ANYONE, who comments or likes your posts. They may be a bot, but they may not be. Behind every bot is a human and that human could be a potential customer. I always tell people in my company when dealing with power suppliers, call centres, to be polite. Even if we are annoyed at something by their employers, those humans on the phone will now have heard of our brand. We don’t want them to hate that brand to their friends.
  5. Find out what you know most about and share that information either via Instagram squares or tweets. Use to make statements on nice backgrounds, or your own photos. Then jump onto a hashtag finder app, like Hashtagify. This will show you the top hashtags in your sector. Post at times that your audience is on their phone most. That could be 7-9am, lunchtime and after work for the commute home. Schedule these posts using a free site like This will send out posts consistently and you can schedule a week ahead. You spend an hour or two making these up and then that’s your content for the week.
  6. Quora is an underpriced asset. It attracts huge amounts of readers and views where we use google to answer questions now. In 4 days our new profile attracted 6000 reads. We went on an answer replying frenzy and was able to tag in our brand. This adds a backlink, but if you answer questions with lots of followers, when you reply, they are all notified. Pretty powerful tool for words. Just make sure you write to the best of your ability. Inserting images into the posts makes them more likely to be read. Use bold subheadings and bullet points to improve the readability. Link your posts back to your brand, your socials etc.
  7. Our final tip for this blog. Make video content. Don’t worry if your video first time out isn’t as good, next time make it better. It’s a learning process and it’s background hits to your site. Post a video, tag it well. ALWAYS write descriptions that use your targeted keywords and write a title that is compelling. Reference your social media accounts in the video and in your description. You can embed your videos into Quora to emphasise your knowledge.

Conclusion to this social media tricks post

The key takeaway, is everything is linked and improved by cross referencing across platforms. Become a regular contributor, that listens and talks to it’s audience. You will improve your profile. It doesn’t happen over night and can take up to a year before you see a noticeable difference. But all these things are being done in the background of your main business project.

Start yesterday. That’s how to get more followers.