7 years before I began the Prison to Profit podcast, I sat down in a small cell in HMP Wandsworth Prison and began writing something that would change my life for the better. I was tucked into a small wooden desk, with a pile of bread and jam in sachets next to me. On the tv was, weirdly, ‘Homes under the hammer’ on BBC1; while just outside the room, was hundreds of society’s roughest, most violent, abandoned and mentally ill men. It was day 1 of my prison journey and I started writing my diary. Documenting my every experience, my every second confined within the cells of Her Majesty’s Prison system. I felt like an undercover journalist, employed to secretly record this visible mystery.

How often do you walk down your front path, or cross the road to visit the shop, nip into Tesco and thank the ground you walk on, that you are FREE? Probably never, it’s fine, I don’t do it now either, although I have walked around Tesco’s with a demonic grin, literally convulsing with joy at their range and prices. And it was a great feeling, that day I was first released.

But back to the diary. I wrote each day and sent home my extracts. They would be passed around the family and friends to keep everyone abreast of how I was. I didn’t particularly fancy joining the queue for the phone each day and end up in a row over how long I was on it for. Writing was an escape, besides it kept me busy. Coming home after prison and re-writing that diary, taught me the power of social media and SEO blog marketing. Who would have thought that that would be the result?

Is this just a prison podcast?

Tales from rock bottom, isn’t just a prison podcast, it’s ostensibly more than that. What is a prison? If by prison podcast, you mean we can discuss that we all at some stage are trapped within a prison. Then yes it’s one of those.

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