Do you go around in circles with poor recruitment choices? Do you struggle to find quality candidates? Maybe you’re an applicant and wonder why no one picks up your CV and offers you an interview. Do you want to start getting job interviews more frequently?

Inside this episode I talk about how to improve your recruitment issues and have a bunch of inside tips for those who want to be recruited better too. Growing your business, means growing your standards and growing the stature and job spec of the roles you have in your organisation.

The same people who helped you grow your business to half a million per year, may not be the right people to take it to 5 million per year. NEWSFLASH – you might not be the right CEO for it too! So what do you do about that? You take the time to ensure that you aren’t the smartest person in the room. Enjoy the podcast, please take the time to rate us, chuck us a comment and subscribe for new episodes. That’s the MOBshow.

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