The truth about Gratitude in business and personal success

Be thankful everyday

Be thankful everyday to those who help you to be where you are. Gratitude is one of the major tools of successful people to help them in business and in their personal lives. Are you taking the time to thank those around you for their contributions? Aspirations for many extend to beyond simply financial reward and for some, they understand that there is unlikely to be any significant financial reward in the near term for doing a small job well. What they want to know, in doing that job well; that you appreciate the lengths they went to make sure it was done to an exceptional standard. That deserves gratitude and sending one whatsapp message or post on slack, is hardly too much to ask.

If you don’t do this, don’t be surprised when your team no longer see you as someone worth fighting for. I believe sending one message each day to someone in your phone book thanking them for something they have done well, is not just one of the most courteous and decent things you can do. It is vital to the success of your organisation and to your role as a leader. But why stop it at business matters. How many of you have a friend who is always there for you- a ride or die homie? Sometimes in our frenetic world, we forget to send a little note to say hi and thanking them for their friendship. It’s not a loser move to do that, its a loser move to not do that.

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