Can I use Quora to grow my personal brand?

Imagine if there was a way to get thousands of hits to your personal brand or blog in your very first week on little more than a few posts. Say hello to Quora. Asking the question: “Can I use Quora to grow my person brand?” may have got you here. Well you are barking up the right tree. You can leverage Quora to grow your personal brand and it’s very simple right now.

Don’t you wish you had been on Twitter early? How about being one of the early adopters of Instagram? How big would your personal brand be? Well put your sadness to one side, because here comes Quora. Quora for those who aren’t familiar is a website that answers questions. A decade ago, Yahoo offered this. In fact, my wife and I would answer these for fun. Then Yahoo kind of died a death – well a $4.5 Billion death to Verizon. Not too shabby if you were the founders, except for the glaring tease that is Google. A brand which greets those same founders on every trip to the Internet app on their phone. Still for most of us out there, if you owned and sold Yahoo, you’d be pretty smug right now. I am digressing, Quora – its a site to answer people’s questions.

Why Quora though?

Quora has 300 million active monthly users, including 40 million active accounts from the USA. It’s been hugely adopted in India, not by Indian population standards, but by the proportion of their traffic which comes from it. It definitely gets more hits than your website.

I came across Quora recently in an article from Neil Patel, the online SEO guru. Interestingly he cited Quora as a useful platform for growing your influence. New Year’s Eve was upon us and like the guinea pig I am, I jumped on and signed up. While others were getting ready to party, I was about to dive in to the world of open Q&As. I love to write and to talk, so Quora really resonated with me. I found that in an hour, I had banged out about a dozen answers.

what kind of results can I expect from Quora for my brand?

The stats below show what happened over the following week.

does quora help grow your personal brand

Sorry for the image quality, but as you can see, since the date of the podcast and the score above we had 14,200 views on the content directly. But this isn’t the only win from this weeks Quora work. Check out the next image for another win.

how to use quora to grow my personal brand

Submission to the Quora Digest happened, as you can see in the middle of the notifications. That’s an extra 120,000 Quora viewers, all from a weeks work. Pretty neat eh? We took the time also to add a detailed person profile of me in the Quora about section, that includes links back to my businesses and of course this site. This way I am finding a source of free traffic to my podcast and blogs. I say free, but of course my time is a value, but for many who are starting out on their business journey, one asset that many of you have is time. And this is how I am using Quora to grow my personal brand right now.

Quora or Medium?

So this is an interesting question. Medium is a new platform in the whole scheme of things and works more like an open source magazine. It reminds me of WordPress in the early days and it may evolve into this. Quora caters to a more keyword specific audience. People like to ask questions and people like to answer questions, Medium differs in that, it allows you to write incessantly on what you enjoy writing about.  Quora has an advantage in that it allows direct engagement. Much like Twitter, where you can jump into the conversation, you can do the same for Quora. Which means if you are literate, then Quora is a fantastic weapon.

If you can write well, then I suggest you use Medium for longer more articulate pieces that act as a statement of your thoughts. Think of it as a philosophical platform and Quora as a real time one. Both can work to extend your profile and brand, but in different ways. So if the question is “Can I use Quora to grow my personal brand?” then our answer is resolutely yes!

What else is in this Podcast Episode?

Besides discussing Quora, we look at a number of other tools for growing your personal brand that are free or low cost. We work in an industry that is constrained by many marketing restrictions, due to vape laws, which means everything we have done has been on low or zero budget. We cannot use paid ads and we can’t use boosts, this means we have to be a little smarter. Using content is one of the few tools in our arsenal, but in the process we have learnt how to get better with it.

One more thing, about Quora – they let you upload videos directly into their replies. Quora fame from it could be just around the corner, as it’s just not being done much at the moment. To see if we get placed higher doing doing this, we have started using video reply. This description of the podcast, doesn’t tell you everything though, jump in and check it out and find out how to leverage Quora to grow your personal brand.