Each week, Fred and Mason talk vape news with their video and podcast show, Cotton and Kanthal. If you are in the vape or CBD industry and are looking for a show that covers areas that matter to you, then subscribe on the channel Vape and Juice TV. This week we cover topics such as Iqos, vape flavour bans and good tips for wholesale customer service

Filmed in Essex, UK, Vape and Juice is a retail and wholesale supplier of electronic cigarette products. In 2018 we moved our usual telephone rants to be in front of a camera instead. Much of the video content going out is more around the B2C market. Our show we felt fills this potentially unneeded gap in the market for B2B chatter and all things vape news.

If you follow vape news, subscribe to the podcast, or send in discussion topics. It is our aim to bring on guest speakers to talk about their journey in the vape game. If this is something you could be down with, get in touch.

Vape news topics covered this week:

  • Flavour Bans
  • Iqos in South Korea
  • Fake News
  • Tips to doing better wholesale business
  • Do any vape wholesalers offer credit terms?
  • Are more kids vaping than before?

If you have an interest in the wider business community and want to listen to other business podcasts, click here. We love the journey of new business growth, so get in touch if you have a great story. Our show, tales from Rock Bottom Up, is all about life’s great personal failures. If we hadn’t made a terrible website in day one, we may not even be here now.

If you want to listen to the audio version, it is available via the Anchor app. Also available on Spotify, iTunes and Google podcasts.

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