In todays podcast we talk about why patience is the route to success

“Every day alive is a good day”

I answered a profoundly sad question this week on Quora that I hope got through the recipient. It highlights just why patience is the key to success

“Patience is the greatest undervalued attribute that human kind has”

We have only ONE shot on this sometimes crappy but mostly incredible planet. Explore what you haven’t done, look at what you google, think about what makes you smile on YouTube, what books or posters do you double take? Within those things, you will find your passion, and where there’s passion, there’s purpose. Your passion doesn’t have to be what society makes you think it should be. We live in an age where with patience and hard work, you can turn ANYTHING into a career

Life is a long journey with lots of things you HAVEN’T done. Go see the things you haven’t done and don’t expect the things that you’re going to do for the rest of your life to be round the corner today. PATIENCE is the route to SUCCESS

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