Apps Rule Everything Around Me

Listen in while I take the time to review the latest apps that have fallen across my lap. I love apps, so I spend a little time every week or so, to check what apps are new on my google play listings.

Starting with Bad and Boujee, Migos feat lil Uzi Vert in case you wanted to know…

This week I talk about Slack, the social work collaborative app, RotaCloud, MozLocal and Lucky Orange. Lucky Orange is a plug in app used by us on Shopify, which allows you to monitor real time user movement across your ecommerce sites. It also is a great weapon for identifying friction on your site. Essentially, where are users struggling, what bits make them bristle with ange and bounce off your site.

Moz Local covers your local business SEO. Just as an SEO score tells you where your website will show up on Google, your local SEO is more focused where your local business that serves regional communities, is likely to rank. This is PARAMOUNT for any offline business that wants to be found. It’s free to use, there are upgrade versions¬† but this needs to be put into your to-do list to check out.

If you want to get found offline check out this podcast today.

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