How to boost conversion rates

Buy or die.

I was staring at the Lucky Orange heatmap plug in, recanting this to myself, watching the the customer’s cursor travel across the page. Hovering over the proceed to checkout button, while I watch on chewing the inside of my cheek.

Then just like that, the user exits and the reality that I didn’t understand what was going on; dawned on me.

Welcome to the world of conversion rates.

What are Conversion Rates?

So put very simply, the moment when a prospect, or lead, that has arrived on your site and executes the planned course of action that your business is set up for; then you have converted them. If they leave or exit the site before committing to a purchase, an order etc, then that is a failed conversion. That is crudely the answer to ‘What are conversion rates’.

Different industries have different industry averages. For my own business Vape and Juice in the ECig industry, the average is approx 3%. A year back we saw our conversion rates at around 0.9%. Woefully lower than what is expected. It stood to reason, then that if we simply got our conversion rate to the industry baseline, we would see a significant growth in sales. And this is why it is fundamental to monitor conversions.

How do you monitor conversion rates?

As a Shopify e-commerce platform, we have access to a suite of great pre-built apps. These pre built apps or plug ins, allow you to add functionality to your site without paying for unique coding. One of those apps is called Lucky Orange, which is a monitoring app. It creates heatmaps identifying the following:

  • Where users move their cursor to
  • Which pages users visit most
  • The speed at which a user moves through the site
  • When a user bounces off the page and leaves

These heatmaps are hugely valuable for identifying pinch points on your site or points where the user is irritated. Watching like an online shopping stalker, you can spot the moments that the user experience breaks down. We discover broken links that got missed, we discover all types of ways that we can make the journey through our site easier. This is the value of a heatmap.

What can I do to improve conversion rates?

Improving conversion rates is made that much easier by watching the browsing history of those who leave the site. You can spot items such as:

  • Broken links
  • Poor images
  • Unclear product description
  • Poor colour pallette of the site
  • Button size too small on mobile leading to fat finger clicks
  • Price not kept current
  • Shipping information not clear
  • Shipping price not current
  • FAQs don’t answer questions required
  • Page load too slow
  • Page information too overwhelming
  • Poor user experience

There really is a huge amount of information that you can absorb from monitoring heatmaps. And besides offers such as freeshipping, we identify this one app as the key for us to change our conversion rates to industry averages now.

Our next goal is to grow traffic and sales. But by working on the conversion rates at this stage, means the site is more likely to capture more traffic and sales as a simplified user experience makes word of mouth marketing more likely.

We hope you have found this blog piece useful. If you have any questions on this ‘how to improve conversion rates’ post then stick them in the box underneath. If you want to stay on top of the latest podcast from The MOB show, then head here to see the latest episode.