How to start a shop

How to find the right location for a shop

How to start a shop, or how to find the right location for a shop. This is something we long thought of in our early years at Vape and Juice and we revisit it all the time as and when we expand our store territory. We thought it would be helpful then, if we made a short tutorial for you. This is our 7 top tips for finding the right shop location.

Getting the right location for a shop can be make or break. If you are a larger business with higher revenues, maybe you can swallow a loss. But for those businesses that are making their first steps in retail, it’s fundamental you get it right from day 1.

What makes us tick

I want to help anyone who follows our blog, to know that we are about adding value. So we put together this short video, to help you find out whether you are onto a winner. So if you are searching online, how to start a shop – then you should watch this retail video now.

How to start a shop

If you found this short info video useful, then we have an expanded version breaking it all down for you coming soon. You can stay on top of new videos we release at our new youtube channel The MOB Show.

In this video coming and the video above we break down our top seven criteria for finding the right location for a shop. These include:

  1. Position
  2. Accessibility
  3. Competitor analysis
  4. Services
  5. Complimentary businesses nearby
  6. Are your customers close by
  7. Lease conditions

These are not all of the factors you need to look at when taking over a new shop for your retail business. But considering these together will definitely put your on the right track. Ultimately it’s about balancing the potential risk reward also. If you have little to lose with a flexible lease and you are the only business of your type, then not ticking other boxes may be fine.

How to start a shop is a series of podcasts and videos that will chronicle our journey of opening a new retail business. If you would rather listen about our journey on how to start a shop via podcast, then check out those feeds here.


From Prison to Profit – The Second Chance Saloon

The idea of a UK startup podcast is rare. A UK startup podcast for those who have hit rock bottom and come back up, rarer still. From a young age I always knew I wanted to work for myself. For many years though, I just went about it the wrong way. In truth, there really are no short cuts to hard work. I felt that my journey from sinner to, maybe partial winner could be one that inspires others, so here goes.

In 2012, I walked out of the prison system having spent time in salubrious hell-holes like HMP Wandsworth below and began a journey that made me witness first hand, how difficult it is to rejoin society on career street.

From prison to profit - the business podcast

I left prison with a £49 discharge grant, barely enough to pay for the train home, I had no job, no permanent home and no prospect of little prospect of either. 75% of those who follow this path, end up back within 5 years.

I sent out scores of CVs and made no attempt to hide my past misdemeanours. While I was aware it’s important to promote your good sides, I didn’t want to trip up at a later date with a criminal disclosure. Safe to say, honesty was not an entirely winning policy.

After too many mornings, lounging under a duvet my wife gave me an ultimatum. “I didn’t date a bum, your life isn’t over, so start it again.”

Well the boss had spoken.

6 years later, I have founded a handful of companies, employed hundreds of staff across Europe and have generated annual multi-million revenues in at least two of them. Check them out, The Skinny Kitchen and Vape and Juice.

I began this site because I believe making your own way in life is completely do-able with even just a few shekels in your pocket. If I can do it, so can you. It’s literally, fail, fail, fail again, and then win. If you are asking yourself how to get a job after prison.  Maybe you are trapped in the prison of a job you don’t like. If you want to make a career from a passion you do like, then I want to help you.

Follow my podcast here, add your comments and if you have a prison success story, I want to hear from you. Drop me a message and let’s get you on the podcast show, ‘From Prison to Profit’.

I hope you get some inspiration from all this, stay tuned to The MOB Show, the UK Startup podcast stream

Apps Rule Everything Around Me

Listen in while I take the time to review the latest apps that have fallen across my lap. I love apps, so I spend a little time every week or so, to check what apps are new on my google play listings.

Starting with Bad and Boujee, Migos feat lil Uzi Vert in case you wanted to know…

This week I talk about Slack, the social work collaborative app, RotaCloud, MozLocal and Lucky Orange. Lucky Orange is a plug in app used by us on Shopify, which allows you to monitor real time user movement across your ecommerce sites. It also is a great weapon for identifying friction on your site. Essentially, where are users struggling, what bits make them bristle with ange and bounce off your site.

Moz Local covers your local business SEO. Just as an SEO score tells you where your website will show up on Google, your local SEO is more focused where your local business that serves regional communities, is likely to rank. This is PARAMOUNT for any offline business that wants to be found. It’s free to use, there are upgrade versions  but this needs to be put into your to-do list to check out.

If you want to get found offline check out this podcast today.

Click here to listen:—Apps-Rule-Everything-Around-Me-e15kr6